Introduction to Jewellery Making

making a ring in Sheffield
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This introductory course runs one day a week for five weeks and covers all the basics needed to start making your own jewellery, as well as introducing some intermediary skills.

Course Description

This introduction to jewellery making course gives you hands-on experience of learning the techniques needed to start making your own jewellery. We will take you through jewellery making exercises starting with the basics and onto intermediary skills for constructing and assembling more detailed pieces.

Introduction to the jewellery workshop

Learn the different tools and equipment needed and the safe use for making and the repair of jewellery.

Testing of materials

Learn how to test for the different Karat and colour of gold and how to deal with bench sweeps, filings and scrap. How to refine your gold and silver to give you maximum recovery.

Gold Melting and Milling

Explanation and demonstration of melting gold How to make ingots, wire, and sheet, with the use of the Rolling Mill.

Wire Work

How to make pendant tops and jump rings, single production and mass production methods explained and practised.

Drilling, Filing, and Piercing

Demonstration and hands on practice of making a name pendant. Design. Layout. completion and finishing procedures.

Ring sizing

Practice sizing plain rings then moving on to stone set rings, channel set, and how to protect stones with low heat tolerance.

Chain making

Learn how to make a wire chain by hand.

Ring making

Learn how to put ring together from castings, single stones, multiple stones.

Stone Setting

Learn the ways to set stones, Diamond setting, Claw Setting, pave Setting.

Final Finishing and Polishing

Learn how to give your jewellery that final polish ready for presentation to customer.

After completion you will receive a certificate.

Course Level

The Cost

Duration of this course

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