Introduction to Precious Metal Clay (PMC)

precious metal clay course sheffield
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This course introduces you to precious metal clay (PMC), a wonderful material which can be used to make almost anything in pure silver.

Course Description

This beginners class is for anyone who is new to working with PMC (precious metal clay) and would like to spend an exciting day experimenting and learning new techniques.

Let us introduce you to (precious metal clay) the extraordinary clay-like material that turns into hallmark quality fine silver in just a few simple steps!

One of the great advantages to working in precious metal clay is that it is relatively easy to continue working at home after the class without a big investment as you don’t need many tools or equipment.

Our Senior PMC Instructor will teach you about the tools needed, and how to texture, form and fire your creations – basically everything needed to get started from home. You will practice what you have learnt, making pendants and charms to your own design. How many you make depends entirely on your design.

All tools and equipment are supplied. You keep everything you make, in addition to step-by-step student notes to support you after the class. Light refreshments are provided.

Course Level

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