Make your own wedding rings

wedding rings
In this one day course you can make the wedding ring of your choice for the one you love, or come along as a couple and make rings for each other!

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Wedding rings have an important role in preparing for the happiest day of your life. This course gives you the opportunity to make high-quality wedding rings that truly represent the love between you and your partner. These special items will be a permanent reminder of your feelings for one another, and we guarantee they will last a lifetime.

You can come along as a couple and make wedding rings for each other, or come along on your own and make it a special surprise! Couples often choose to come together so they can make sure they get the ring sizing correct!

This one day course costs £250.00 per person, plus the cost of materials used.

You will also have the opportunity to engrave your own personal message on your wedding rings. This may be the date of your wedding, both of your names, or a special message, a secret between you and your partner.

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