Stone Setting Course

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This 35 hour course gives you the perfect foundation to understand and to practice stone setting techniques used within the jewellery industry.

Course Description

This course gives you a general knowledge of the tricks of the trade for stone setting in jewellery making. It is an excellent foundation course to understand and perform many of the tasks you will encounter when working in the jewellery industry.

If you are a jeweller with little or no experience of stone setting, we highly recommend this class. You won’t become a professional stone setter by the end of the course as this requires extensive training and practice. However, you will have a great overview of the techniques used and knowledge of the essential skills to get you started.

Introduction to stone setting

General explanation of techniques for stone setting. You will learn how to carefully handle different shapes of stones to avoid damaging them. The importance of design and layout will also be covered in detail.

Preparation of tools

The use of burs and stone setting tools will be shown and explained. Learn to select the proper size and type of bur for each individual project. Learn how to shape engraving tools for setting and how to keep them sharp, and burnishing tools explained.

Demonstration and practice with Round and Oval stones

Tiffany setting.

4 square claw setting.

4 claw cast solitaire setting.

4 claw studs.

4 claw oval setting.

7 stone cluster setting.

Fancy cut stones, stones with points

Stones with pointed tips explained to the student and special tools will be introduced to minimize and avoid breakage of stones.

Emerald, Marquise, Pear, Trillion and Princess cut stones.

Emerald cut stone in four round claw.

Emerald cut stone in four flat claw.

Marquise stone in four claw.

Marquise stone in two “V” end claws.

Pear shaped stone in three and five claws including a ā€œVā€ end claw settings.

Trillion and Princess cut settings.


Round, Princess and Baguette stones.

Bezel setting.

Gypsy setting.

Channel and claw combination setting of round stones.

Channel setting of round stones.

Channel Baguette setting.

Burnishing tools explained.

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